12 November 2012

Be the change you want to see

Have you been in this situation? When you thought you knew something and so sure of something, and one day when you get up everything seems to be different? Nothing really changed but you just don’t feel exactly the same anymore.

Maybe you feel like you don’t want to work at this job anymore, or you feel like you suddenly decide to not love panmee anymore, or perhaps you suddenly felt it’s too early for a commitment. And you got confused, didn’t you? What happened, you asked yourself. Do I not love my job anymore, or do I stop being the person I was? Hey there, don’t worry everything is going to be fine.

It’s okay, really. Life isn’t stagnant; you know that saying about our facial features change as time goes by? Or something along those lines… Well, what I’m trying to say is, if your face, something so familiar can slowly change without you actually noticing, so can your decisions.

We human learn as we grow, that’s the amazing part about life, nay, that’s the amazing part about living! 
Maybe the changes aren’t so significant, but changes are changes afterall and they will eventually affect your life. But no, you don’t have to make any rash decision now, because you know what? As cliché as it might sound, I believe that there is a higher power, a God that is there planning our story. And if things are meant to be, you will eventually reach where you are supposed to go. Like driving on a road and not knowing where you want to go, eventually the road will lead you back home; it’s only the matter of time.

Since young I stood by this belief, this ambition, that I want to be an anchor person, and that is my lifelong dream. When I got back from UK and when things fell apart with my job and what not, I saw things clearer than ever, that though I want to be an anchor, it wasn’t right for me. It didn’t meet with my goals and it couldn’t bring me where I want to go. I was so confused, really. Imagine you doubting your own lifelong dream, it’s absolutely absurd! But I thought about it over and over and over again, and told myself to try something else, and if it fails, what’s the worst that could happen, right? I can start over, stand up and continue with my journey.

You see, my dear friends, life is a journey, it’s an adventure and life is a gift. Enjoy every moment of it and do what you think is right. Go out, have a good time, learn to love and give love to people around you, because at the end of the journey, you’ll regret the things that you didn’t do.

On a side note guys, depending on how busy I am the next few weeks, you can expect some changes on my blog. :) A little teaser, things will be more organized and I’ll finally decide on what topic to talk about as a long term thing.

Till then, xo. 

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