12 May 2009

Another story.

This, is a story of another girl. If you like stories about some grumpy kid do continue reading, otherwise you can click away to somewhere else.


She grew up in a rented room located somewhere in PJ. Vaguely, she can remember the room was only big enough for a queen size bed and a closet, but she was happy, either that or she was too young to remember.

After she coming to this world, her motorcycling father decided that it would be too dangerous to bring her around on a bike, especially on raining days which happens to a norm in this country. So he bought a Proton Saga despite of the hard time they were having. Weirdly, she could not remember the color of the car, eventho she spent her whole childhood in it. What she remembered was, her father telling her that he borrow a car from his friend on the day she was born just to pick her up from the clinic. Yes, she was born in a small clinic, according to her mother, in a room upstairs on a metal bed.

When she was three, she finally got a real home that belonged to her. A small two room shop house located in Sunway. It was the cheap looking type of house that even children nowadays wouldn't want to go in to, it even smells like mamak food from the shops downstairs, but it was her home. She remembers that first time her parents brought her to that house with another uncle, she ran freely in that house with her arms open, the sun shines on her and yes, she was really happy then. After that she even took her first pee pee in the toilet of that little house, which after that she noticed the flush wasn't working yet.

She then spent her childhood in that little house, sleeping on a mattress on the floor next to her parent's bed. She never had any luck in getting her parents to buy her games or toys or the used to be famous GameBoy, the only toy she had was two barbie dolls her dad bought her as present after she scored good results when she was standard three. Her other toys was the toys that were thrown out by the richer kids, picked up by her father when he was renovating their houses. But she treasured all of them, she gave them names, kept them all in a basket.

When she started primary school, her parents didn't have money to send her to a daycare center after school, so she had to go to her mother's office and spent the rest of the day there until her mother finishes work to finally go home. She would do her homework there, then listen to the radio everyday at 3pm for the stories, and take a short nap after.

Things become better when she slowly grew up, when she was 10, her brother was born and her parents decided that the small house now is no longer suitable to bring up children, so they moved to a bigger two-storey house in Subang USJ.

She was happy to find herself in that big nice house that she dreamt she would one day lived in,. She always wanted a room that has bookshelfs that extends all the way to the ceiling, bookshelfs that are filled with books that she can just curl at the corner of the room and read. until her mother yells at her for dinner. If it rings a bell, it is the sort of library you see in "The Beauty and The Beast". But she came to realise that she cannot afford that dream of hers. Then, she slowly come to realise that money plays a huge part in life, that things can only be fulfil if one is rich, and fairy tales, only exist in the books she read. Eventually, she forgot that little hobby of hers which involves alot of reading.

Things seems to be gloomier along with her growing up, not only she finds herself with lesser attention now that her brother is around, all her treasured and well kept toys too were slowly being ripped apart by her young brother. She also start to realise that other kids at school would tease her over her old, faded uniform, and her lack of knowledge on the latest toy, or not knowing all about that TV show that is shown only on cable TV.

to be continued... *depending on the author's mood*

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