22 October 2012

Quick update

I always thought life was going to be easier when I’m home, you know, living in the comfort of your own house, not having to worry about paying rent or bills, or food or even groceries shopping because everything has been taken care of.  Well I got that part right, but I was very wrong in a way. 

Life definitely wasn’t easier. Maybe I’m the crazy ones that need to work in order to keep sane, and bumming at home really kills my productivity. My daily routine now comprise of sleeping, eating, surfing the net, watching series / movies, and go back to sleep. Sad I know. I hate this too but I can’t bring my big bum off the chair and do anything else. Okay, to be fair on myself I did paint some furniture, clean up my room and applied for a job. One job, oh yes, I know, don't judge me.

Well the good thing is that things are turning around for me. The job interview turned out to be inspiring and, motivating, plus it came with an offer letter, which I am rather thrilled about. I’m (FINALLY) getting my own car, hopefully this time next week I’ll be driving around in that little thing doing shopping, and I have a lawyer by my side helping me sort out the mess the other company left. Right, I know I haven’t update a lot of people on what happened to my other job, long story short, the company had some internal changes and failed to inform me about it until when I’m supposed to start work. Yes I know, really unfair for me, and time wasting too. I could’ve been in the UK working all these time, earning money and dating angmohs! (just kidding, baby teehee) Well, that’s where the lawyer comes in, to sort out the whole breaching the contract thing. It’s really technical and all but I’m pretty sure it’ll be sorted out in no time. :)  

Being unproductive at home means one thing, brain dead! So I really have no idea what else to say, for now. Sorry guys. 

So I guess that’s it for now, hopefully the next time I blog I’ll bring some awesome good news. Do look forward because I’m too excited to be working again soon! :D

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