5 May 2009

What you think?

What you think about a Chinese girl dating a Malay guy and/or the other way around?

No biggie?
"Oh my parents gonna kill me"?
She's gone case?
He's dead?
No more my son/daughter?

Leave a comment. and I'll tell you all why in the next post. =)


Huai Bin said...

It's no big deal. I've dated Malay girls before too. :)

NaughtyOne said...

I think it is okay~
My Chinese friends do date with Malay girls.. =)

kim-chan said...

My parents gonna kill me. I guess LOL... or...can pak toh but cannot married.

LOL I'm curious to know...

Michael Yip said...

it really isn't a problem in this time and age. I've been out with malay girls before but I made sure to tell them that I'm not going to convert to Muslim and they MUST learn how to eat pork cause I don't eat beef.

Most modern families are quite open to the idea. I've had relatives who had inter-racial marriage and they are still very happily married.

YeeWon said...

woi, talk about me ar? hahahahaha

H@818 said...

Nice Topic, I been couple with female Chinese and she love me so much, but for her future I have to break with her because of her future, I dont want to break her relation with her family because of me.But I still prefer couple with Chinese girl..I dont know why..hurm.


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