1 October 2012

A special dedication

14 Feb 2011

Was looking thru our old pictures looking for inspiration to wish you on this special day, then I found this on Facebook. On the caption of this photo, you said you're proud to have a mommy like me. Truth is, though you call me Mama, I think all these while you've been the one taking good care of me, when I’m upset and crying you never fail to pick me up with your lameness and your so-called advices, which I cherish until this very day. I thank you for everything we’ve been through together, all the amazing photo shoots, the slideshows (teehee), the cooking sessions, the company when I stress eat… 

I can never ask for a better companion,  friend, or a better "son" than you. 
On this very special day, happy bertday. May all your dreams come true, and all your passion fulfilled. 

Love you, Gilbert! 

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