6 June 2012

With love

This post is dedicated to a friend. This is written for our loved ones, the ones who have always been there for us, the ones who loved us with all their heart, the ones who took care of us, the ones who gave us their lives, and the ones who have left to a better place.

Dear loved one,

The fond memories with you will always stay with us, the time we spent together will serve as a reminder, a message of love during the lowest of our time, replaying as it instills in our heart that we are always love, by you. It serves as a promise, that your love is always pure, delicate, subtle yet filled with greatness.

Please know, where ever you are, you will never be forgotten, or be love any lesser just because you are far away. You are closer to our hearts than you'd ever imagined. Here is a promise, a vow, to you, that we will always love you no matter where you are, and what you have become. Because to us, you are always perfect, you are the angel that God sent to me, guiding me towards a better path, taking care of me when I didn't know better. Dear loved one, memories of you will never be lost, no matter how long you've gone.

There is always someone that will be in our heart, no matter who they are, family, partner, friends or even a pet. There will always be someone that we are afraid to lose, someone we've lost, someone we've loved so much and can never let go even after years and years have gone.

Just remember, they are never gone. They will always be there for us, watching after us, guiding us in a way we can never imagine, loving us even when we think we don't deserve it. Dear friend, you can drown in your sorrows, you can cry you can mourn, but never forget, that they will always stay in your heart. For eternity. and someday, we will meet again, by God's side. They are not gone, they just decided to meet the creator before us, to make sure everything is ready for us when it's our time.

Dear you, you will always be loved. Rest in peace

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