2 June 2012

Expiration Date

Do you believe it, that every friendship has got an expiration date on it? I didn’t at first, well, me being me, you know, Shing’s world is always perfect and everyone is happy and ideal so to me, friends are forever and there shouldn’t be an expiration date on it. But I was proven wrong, by nothing else but time. You know how funny it is that you always say things like, "I’ll love you forever", "BFF", and all the other forever stuffs, and then next thing you know, time comes into the picture and proves to you that there’s no such thing as forever?

Yeah, that’s the same case scenario, which brings me to my point here.

Well, when I got into Uni, I met my housemate who is an amazing friend, great company and great listener, we talked about everything and anything and it just feels so chill hanging out with this friend. We talked about different things but there’s one thing he said that particularly caught my attention and I remembered it until this very day. Yes, he told me that friendship has an expiration date, for him it’s a year. Well I’m assuming you are giving the same faces and disagreement I gave him back then. I mean what rubbish! Friends are supposed to be forever, I’m still friends with my high school friends and what not. I was obviously wrong again. Yes I am still friends with everyone but honestly, other than the yearly “happy birthday” message you post on each other’s FB wall, and the smile and waves u give each other sometimes when you bump into them at the mall, do you really still talk to them? Well the only other time someone talks to me is when they try to sell me insurance or stuff so honestly sorry I think we grew out of each other years ago. Still friends nonetheless, but you get what I mean.

Then obviously brings me to my MAIN point and the main reason I wrote this post. There’s this friend I have, or had or whatever, he was a rather special friend to me because he was kind of the only other person besides my best friend I could share my deepest darkest secrets with. And when I was troubled and confused he was always there with open arms to take me in. Of course he’s got his own problems too but I guess because we are both equally fucked up people, we tend to be able to talk to each other better. But things changed. I know everything changes with time but things just changed. This friend of mine just suddenly seems to hate my guts and everything I do simply just piss him off.  I know I’m probably not a very likeable person, I mean I am aware that I am bossy and controlling and bad tempered, but when a person turns from a close friend to hating your guts, there must be something wrong. Either you have some serious issue or he got some serious issues. Again, I am aware of my flaws but I don’t know, I always thought friends should love each other for who they are and talk to each other when a problem arises (I mean I still love my housemate (as friends!) even though can be quite douche but because that’s how he is, right?) . Well maybe that only happen in my ideal perfect world and the real world is actually cruel and people just randomly turn from friend to foe. (urgh that is actually scary) I did talked to him a few times and sent a couple of emails apologizing for my misbehavior and horrible attitude but guess they didn’t came through to him.

Anyway, sorry for the sudden out of control ramble, you guys know what I’m like, but I rather believe that we grew out of each other in the span of this year. We simply weren’t compatible as friends anymore. So yeah, I guess what I’m trying to say from the beginning is that expiration dates do exist, but it really depend on the person anyway because if you really care, you’d take whatever action necessary to prolong this date. 

I’d do that for any of my friends, would you?

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