19 June 2012


I know this might sound strange, or weird to some, and it might sound like me telling you something you’ve already knew, but here’s what I think – changes take place in us every day, even in the smallest way possible, it is happening. It might not seem like a big thing at this moment, but trust me when I say to you, that this change, this slightest shift in your life today, is going to make you, sculpt you to become who you are in the future.

Looking at myself a few years back, I was a clingy, controlling little bitch that thinks the whole world revolves around one person, and I’ve gone a long way since. I can tell you that this change didn’t take place in a day, or a month, or a year. It’s been ongoing since, the only sad part is that we’ve never notice the change in us, or in some way we fight, and resist this change that is happening.

Today, I am still, in a way, a clingy controlling little bitch that agrees that the whole world should revolve around one person. But this time, this person is myself. I know this sound strange but bear with me, I have a point here. You see, in this few years, so many things have taken place, and if you re-read what I’ve wrote before and how I’m writing now, you’d notice so many subtle changes in me that even probably you didn’t realised it before.

I strongly believe that everyone you meet today, good or bad, is going to sculpt the future you. Who knew following a Singaporean Blogger’s twitter would change my life and bring me to learn about gratitude? I mean, I always knew that life is about law of attraction and appreciation, but until a few months back, I have never really practice what I preach, until I started reading the Secret. It helped me open my eyes to the good things around me and eliminate the bad.

I’ve never felt so content or happy in my life. Truth is, in this two years, I always believe that I don’t deserve to be happy, or I don’t deserve to be love. But now, I think I do deserve it, everyone deserve to be happy. No one is judging you but yourself. No one can. So yeah.

Today I spoke to a close friend of mine whom believe that he’s constantly helping sculpt and teach other people but himself. He believe that it is always a one way road where he gives and never receive anything back. Here’s what I think. Even when you are helping someone to grow, you are learning the art of growing yourself. You might not see it now, you might not feel the change now, as cliche as it might sound, you will. You will feel the change in you in many years to come and then, that is when you realised that it is the people you hangout with before that made you who are today.

I honestly can’t go further into this topic because some skeptic will disagree or some will strongly agree, or perhaps you’ll think I make no sense but what I’m trying to say is, appreciate the people around you today, because even the smallest thing they do, can make the biggest impact in your future. I believe in gratitude, I believe that if you begin your day appreciating all the good you have in life, your day will only get better from there.

And today, I am thankful to have friends around me that pushes me to my limits, it is because of them I’ve learn to expand my horizon expand my view. I am thankful to have friends that assure me, it is because of them I know that even when I fall, they are there to pick me up. I am thankful to have such beautiful life and I, deserve to be happy. Guess why? Because the world does revolve around me, well, my world does. So is your world, it revolves around you so maybe today, you want to start appreciating yourself and what you’ve done so far. 


Juveryl letyl said...

Hi, found your blog through google.. how was your relationship with your malay bf?

SHING said...

Hello there. Well, glad you found my blog.

My relationship with my Malay BF ended a long time ago even before my post about "the Malay Chinese Relationship"

Relationship isn't about race or skin color, but your compatibility and how both of you see your future together. :) Eventho I broke up with my ex, we remain as good friends, and he is now married to a wonderful wife and have a baby boy.

Hope this helps you with whatever relationship trouble you are facing. Or you can always drop me an email. :)



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