21 May 2012

30 Day Challenge - Day 3

Here’s a news flash, someone asked me how long I have been single and I said “two years, what’s up?” and the first thing he replied to me was, “what? Does that mean you haven’t had sex in two years?” LOL really. I said I’m single for two years and that was the first thing that came into his mind. I was baffled. Well I guess that’s how people think about stuffs nowadays eh? No surprises there. 

Anyway, this 30 day challenge thing has turn into a god-knows-how-many-day challenge. I know I am procrastinating but on my defense I really have no idea what to say about drugs and alcohol, I mean, especially when I come from a culture where this two things are considered a big taboo, moreover I’m a girl which kind of mean that I should stay in the kitchen and make sandwich or something, definitely not out partying or drinking. I don’t do drugs so I’m just gonna pretend like this challenge is about alcohol. 

I honestly have no idea what to say, until last weekend where I went out with my group of friends from work. Great night and it got even better when I heard about a guy friend walked into the girl he was seeing shagging his roommate.  Well not literally like a good thing but it did put a light bulb over my head so, thank you (you know who you are ;)) if you’re reading this, and I’m sorry you have to walk into them like that. 

My point here is, that alcohol, as great and fun as it is, it is absolutely dangerous because it makes you lose control of things. You might make out with a friend and risk ruining your friendship, you might sleep with someone like your bf’s roommate (urgh! *roll eyes*), and you might even ruin your best friend’s birthday like I did last year. 

What happened you ask? Well, last year I went to Manchester for the bestie’s birthday and somehow I had way too much to drink. Not that I drink a lot (really, mum), but I just generally not that a good drinker and I was kind of upset at that time so alcohol seemed like a great idea. Obviously it wasn’t. Next day I sobered, had a talk with the bestie only to realized that I just made her worst nightmare come true. I hated myself for it and have pledged not to drink as much anymore. I know it’s not like a big deal drinking too much getting drunk and doing stupid things, they do say we only live once and I am really not THAT old. But I hate risking anything just because I want that moment of pleasure with alcohol, especially not friendship or relationship, if relevant. 

So yeah, I guess that concludes my opinion on drugs and alcohol. I would rather not drink than knowing that it’ll risk me losing things that I treasure. Though drinking can be fun sometimes when it pairs up with some drinking games. :p 

To end this almost pointless post, I leave you with some pictures from last Friday. 

Ending this post, like a boss. ;)

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