4 January 2012

The new beginning.

Hello everyone, Happy 4th of January. Well, there’s no particular celebration to this day, just another ordinary day being grateful that we’re still here, still breathing. Plus, because I couldn’t make time for a happy 1st of Jan post, we’ll have to make do with 4th January. 

My new year thus far has been a crazy roller coaster ride, even though it has only just begun. It’s more of the fun roller coaster I have to say. I have my best friend coming to visit me here in Hatfield, some situation with the Mr D, and then of course there is work, which is always a pain in the ass. The upside of this ride is the people I’d say. The company I have with me is so crazy they make me cry and smile at the same time. Perhaps some would like to know who is this Mr D, well, I’ll leave the story to some other time, but just because there is no happy ending to that story and I don’t really want to ruin my semi-happy New Year post. ;)

Anyway, when I was a little girl, I use to write down my new year’s resolution at the last page of my diary, but I’ve notice as the years goes by, the resolution list goes shorter and shorter; now, I don’t even bother to make one anymore. I’ve beginning to believe that a year with no expectation will give you the greatest surprise. 

Well, that’s my 2012 for now. How was your new year so far my dearies? Hope all of you enjoy a great beginning to a great new year. 

With that, here's a few of my favourite pictures taken in 2011 with the special-est people in my life. 

Blackpool Pleasure Beach, Summer 2011
Enjoying the sun with my boys at Hatfield Roberts Way. Summer 2011
Sending Gilbert's family off, November 2011
Blackpool Pleasure Beach in the teacup. Summer 2011

Best birthday ever, April 2011

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