18 December 2011

Take me home tonight

Strange. I thought I was ready. I was so certain that this time it’s real; I was all ready to face the world, to face love. But a little wave came along and I’m hiding under my covers again. Of course I didn’t think he was the one, it was too complicated to begin with. Love was never supposed to be complicated, it should come naturally and you’ll do everything to fight for it, that’s not it for him. At times I thought he finally let go of our differences and was really trying out, then he’ll blurt out the ugliest truth, it sounded like he’s known about it for ages.

All I remembered was him saying, I was never gonna be serious with you, and everything else he said just faded away. It breaks my heart to know that the reason we couldn’t be together isn’t because of we don’t get along or anything like that, it’s because of religion. Perhaps some readers out there could enlighten me, why should religion be in the way of a person’s feelings? Why should religion have a set of rules that the believers have to follow? If so, shouldn’t you first adhere to other rules like drinking, cursing first before you skipped straight to the marriage part?

I’ve always been a person that loved different religion, so much that I would get Goosebumps when I hear a muslim pray, and a small butterfly when they pray before eating. I love the fact the religions are so loving and accepting. But this time, I hated this. I’ve never been so upset at the other religion’s belief.

Anyway I guess I’ve learnt my lesson here. I gotta trust my head more than my heart. The last time I believed in my heart again, look what happened. I’m not taking leaps anymore. I might as well just stay in and live a plain quiet life than hop onto this roller coaster that gives me heartache every single time.

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Eddy KK said...

where art thou? ;p


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