7 July 2011

I'm back.

I know it’s been more than a month since my last blog; wait let me think of some incredible super-duper excuse for it… Nah... Just kidding, I already have one before I started typing. I blame it on the weather. Seriously. Sometimes it’s too cold I can’t even type on my keyboard and sometimes it’s so warm my keyboard burns! That’s why I don’t type no more. (okay I’m being lame now)

The truth is, I was moving around because I was homeless and then I didn’t have internet access. My uni accommodation contract ended early June and I had to look for a place to stay in case I end up on the streets begging for someone to take me in… So I traveled like god-knows-how-long to Middlesborough to stay with the bestie for a couple of days and then continue our journey together to Bolton (which is really near Manchester) and lived there until today, and my journey will continue as I head back to Hatfield this weekend. I feel like some homeless people running around looking for a place to stay lor. Stress die me.

Today’s blog post is just gonna be all about me and me and me because I want to and I know everyone wants to know my fabulously amazing life that involves a lot of moving and cooking and stuff. So anyway, pardon me for this extremely useless post because I noticed I haven’t been blogging and I think it’s time to update a lil about me now that I have some time to spare.

Okay… *awkward silent* I think I’m really not that type of blogger that can goes on and on talking about their lives because I really can’t and I don’t know how. So yeah. Maybe I’ll just show some pictures. I went to Blackpool last week though; it’s famous for its theme park and entertainments so we stayed for a couple of days. I really needed that break I feel so rejuvenated when I got back! Ok no I’m lying. I feel stress again when I got back to Bolton I wished my holiday never had to end. T.T

Spining round n round on the teacups. That's me, bestie, her bf Josh and his cousin Jordan.
Most photos are from Sher's cam, in fact all of it I think. :p Call me lazy but I no longer wanna bring my 7.1mp canon out with all these fancy compacts and dslr around. ;)

Random pic of me standing by the beach. Cuz it looks cool like that. ;)

Anyway, random thought of the day, do you believe that we only really fall in love once in our entire life? :)

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