1 June 2011

I'm still alive!

So I was talking to a friend of mine and he told me about this song, which I felt obligated to share it with you people. Well, it’s not anything new, in fact it’s quite an old song, judging by the look of the music video and all, but I find this song comforting and inspiring.

If you haven’t realized, this song is about a guy that would do so much for this girl, that he wouldn’t mind being her rebound guy, to wipe away her tears and help her stand up from her heartbreak. And this guy would wait and wait, just hoping to be the next guy in her life, and to make her smile again.

What I hear from this song, is not just some guy confessing his love to the woman of his dreams but I see this hope, this truth that should’ve been clear from the start. Yes there might not be this guy for you right now, but someday this guy will come… when it’s through, it’s through; who cares about that little boy that talk too much… and it’s the time to wake up and regain your confidence… This song somewhat connotes that if you are not letting go, you’re not going to see that person that want to be with you, and the fact is that this person might even missed you because you’re buried in your sorrow…

Why give up the world for so little? Right?

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