15 November 2009

I wanna, I wanna, I wanna...

Honestly, I have so much to type but I can't because I'm getting pretty sleepy. I'm really sleep deprived recently. sigh. and everything I typed, or try to type is getting very emo-ish.
so better not. =)
I wanna make my blog happy and cheerful, at least I try.
See! what I've told you. Even this is getting emo, I better head to bed. Working is taking up so much of my time I can only choose between going online or sleeping, and guess which I choose? =p

I have no life, no life at all. haha.
Went to Mardi Gras the other day and after two drinks I was falling asleep on the table. Imagine that. Lucky they pulled me up front to dance around, which woke me up for awhile. =p

Lazy Shing back in action. good night.

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