19 November 2009

really boring post. I swear it's so boring you'll die. maybe.

I must be the weirdest person ever, no I'm serious.

I went into Mass Comm for broadcasting, but then I went into PR and Events Major. Next thing I know I went internship at MalaysiaKini as a journalist. Went back to study PR and Events afterwards, and now I'm here, working for Sunway Hotel Resort and Spa in the sales department. Weird, eh?

Even I can't figure myself out, I can't tell myself what do I want in 10 years time, besides to get rich and famous. But I don't know how I'm going to get there.It's just like how I know I want to go abroad to further my studies, yet I cannot decide what I wanna study. Journalism? PR? Broadcast? or media in a general? urgh. headache headache.

Honestly I've lost the whole picture of what I'm chasing after, and I actually thought about working in Sunway for long term, eventho I haven't really started my job. Still undergoing trainings and what not.

Sigh this is emo-ish and I don't like to be emo. But it's hard not to when you've used up all the happy energetic energy (wtf energetic energy, macam energiser) in the office. Not that I don't like to be happy but you know, when you're happy and chirpy the whole day then suddenly out of nowhere you'd wanna just be quiet and slow down a little? That's exactly how I'm feeling.

How's work you may ask? I'd say work's fine, the people there is great, friendly and sometimes can get abit too stressed out, haha, only thing is that I haven't got to know all of them yet. and yes now I know how much work those people need to do in the hotel banqueting. Oh you not-so-nice-lady from Royal Bintang that made us waited for you and all, I forgive you for being so terrible because I'm sure you're as busy as we are at Sunway Hotel eventho i don't see them giving bad service.

Not to brag or praise, honestly, I do find Sunway Hotel a place of standards. I mean, from an event person POV. I did my prom at R.Bintang and I hated how the person liaised with us then and how irresponsible they were(long story). But here, the person in charge stays with you at the event day, they have technical meetings and stuff, which I find it extremely useful for those who are doing events. Well, that's what I've felt after sitting in (more like standing) for a few events and I dare say I'd wished we did our prom at Sunway last year, but the rates were too high for us. :(

Sorry this post is getting so boring I hope you all didn't fall asleep on your laptops or computers. Later all your drools soaked the whatever thing and you get electrocuted in your sleep and die cuz you reading my boring post. That's bad, very bad. haha.

Ok la you all can now head to bed because my post is such an awesome bed time story even better than Sejarah text book hahahah. maybe can do business already. book that you read to make you sleep. boring books. =) *evil boring smiling face*

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