9 November 2009

The precious first time.

Phew! First day of work was better than I thought, but my pair of very expensive shoes failed me because my feet hurts from all the touring around the hotel! Can you believe how huge Sunway Hotel is? I almost got lost like a million times in that underground office,or is it above ground but only hidden? hmmm. pfff for getting lost.

Ooooo! Talking about my shoes, have I shown you all my newest collection to the Shing Shoe family? I haven't, have I? It's a pair of Clarks called Beauty Sleep, maybe they want the feet to go to sleep comfortably or something.. It is comfy but yes it still hurt, maybe because it's leather, it became abit loose and then in order to make sure it won't come off I have to walk funny and walking funnily hurts the feet. hmmm.
Here's how it looks:

Pretty. ain't it?

Well, the only difference between mine and this, is that mine isn't shiny. Btw shiny is my new word. Shining to a better future, proud to be shining, made to shine, shine shine shine! Now the word looks weird. haha. SHINE. *slap self* *takes deep breath*

I bought the matte one cuz I thought that it's more formal for work and I guess I was right, no one has shiny shoes so far. shine. it looks like my name la, don't you think? shing shine shine shing shing shine shine shing. confusing. confushing. confushine. haha. This pretty thing cost me bout 300 bucks, which is like, almost half of my savings gone. pfff. shine. shine. shing. shines. =D

Ok back to the first day of work, I have a three days orientation programme thing before I actually start my job and I felt lost already. I didn't know that you're not allowed to bring your uniform back home, but at least they do the washing for you at the hotel. teehee. lazy bum shing in action. anything that doesn't require me to wash is good thing.
Oh and can you imagine one pretty villa in Sunway cost about 1k plus a day and it's honeymoon suite, which means you gotta stay there for days! Money money money! and oh boy it's gorgeous inside I wanna live there someday. haha. Imagine you have your own plunge pool! woot woot. skinny dipping is the first thing that comes into my head. wee! *splash* that's imaginary Shing skinny dipping in the private plunge pool in the pretty Villas. hah hah hah.

Hmmm. I don't think I can reveal more about the hotel incase later someone reads this and fire me cuz I reveal some corporate secret by accident cuz I'm so jakun about hotels. haha. you know they give two tooth brush to the guest? Hilton only gave us one that day. Kiamsiap Hilton. so dear people that reads this, I love the hotel because it's so pretty and it gives two toothbrush so go stay there more! =D don't fire me dear whoever that reads this.

I think first day of work got me abit too excited. Everyone seems friendly and boy I can't wait to start doing my job, or can I? ugrh I can't make up my mind. I'm just still really worried because I have no clue about hotels and I'm so afraid that I screw up.

This is like word vomit I cannot control but just keep typing out EVERYTHING! haha.
Ok that's it la before I get myself in trouble. bye bye.
Wish me luck on my second day. I shall update soon, especially on my job. I wanna share with the whole world of what I do but not the corporate secret la ok don't fire me ok this is my first job so I very jakun ma. =D
ok bye.

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