1 August 2009

Of fever cough and flu...

I've got fever, cough, flu and sore throat but the fever went down a little after that short nap.. =)
i just suddenly feel like blogging la cuz I feel like I've disappear for so long...

I wasn't feeling so well on Thursday already but I thought I'm some cun superwoman or something so I went to work at PC fair yesterday... Of cuz working at PC fair is no good to my condition at all so when I came home I was burning hot, I can feel my eyeballs feeling like its on fire.. =(

Then today the fever went down slightly but the cough and flu came up, I so feel like cutting off my nose right now and throw it far far away. *pouts*

Ok that's all for now, the sick girl gotta go get some rest. =(


LexieCharalle said...

i'm also sick! :( got fever and cough. went to the docs and bill came up to 80 for normal cough fever medicine. flu hasnt come up yet.

SHING said...

Oh no!!!
80 bucks for normal medicines? thanks goodness I didnt go to the doctors haha..
I took some of jc's medicine, its all the same anyway.. =p

better take care of yourself. =)


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