29 July 2009

Lazy Shing (I know right!)

I know, I know.
I need to update my blog like more more more more more often, but I can never ever get myself rajin enough to start, just like how I kept delaying on my assignments and revising for that stupid exam(7 more days). bah.

Been enjoying that holiday since last week, only thing I did was sleep eat and watch dvds, ok I went out and helped out my aunt at her shop but that's the most of what I did... Hey! don't blame me alright, blame the college that never gave me proper holiday since my first sem. bah. so let me laze around for awhile more. =p

It's not fun okay having that lil guilt feeling inside bugging me to start on my assignment then the other me says "its ok, relax-lah!"... I can't even sleep properly at night without having an argument with the good and bad lil shing inside my head. =.=

I know this post is absolute crap and all about me myself and I, but I have nothing else to post about.

Btw, tmr is definitely a day to look forward to - I'm finally renewing my IC and license. but that license picture look like shit tho. sigh. should have took the picture myself, at least I can photoshop it. and I'm not bragging but my photoshop-muka-sendiri skills is really awesome. =)

Seriously, why am I crapping again? maybe I'm sleepy already.. -.-

sorry I made you all read this boring post.
*points at you and laugh*

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