3 August 2009

Pengajian Msia exam on Wednesday

ok i know I'm not suppose to blog now but gosh I'm so darn frustrated now ok? *throws notes on floor and step three times and kick it far far away*

I just can't understand why my lecturer can't put only the important words into her notes and use a BIGGER font size omg!

Her font size is like so small, aiyo cikgu your font size so small lah? Want give ants read meh ants also need magnifying glass loh. Cikgu tau magnifying glass ka bukan cermin flying tau itu kanta membesar saya cakap tau?

Maybe I'm almost blind la thats why I can't read out of her super tiny fonts on the notes which i think is font size 6 notes (WTF who uses font size 6) but she can cuz she got some super eye sight like super power can see little no wait I mean TINY fonts but she don't realise it's some super power so she thought everyone can do it so she made all the fonts sooo small so she can put more irrelevant things into the notes. -.-"

it's like reading those little old and tiny dictionaries that wana cramp everything in one book to save papers so they use some super small fonts. I remember myself reading those with magnifying glass ok but at least the dictionary holds relevant information like what is the maksud kepada kepala dan kelapa. but these notes OMG!!! its like a whole lot of information but you have no idea what the heck your reading because it's sooo complicated.

Aren't notes suppose to be simple?

(text book) Shing is a girl and she is super hot
(notes) shing is girl, = super hot.

seeeeeeeeeeeeee! thats notes. hmmph!

sigh. now i need to go pick up that notes that I threw and stepped on and kicked away because I still need to study. bah. T___T
this is so annoying.

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