18 July 2009

Harry Potter and the half-blood prince.

**HUGE Harry Potter spoiler ahead**

Just watched the movie and well, as expected, it was a really disappointing movie. To be real honest, I stepped into the cinema with really low expectation because I never liked any of the Harry Potter movies beside the first one. They are so distorted and became something so different from the books and obviously, I didn’t like it. So I went into the cinema and told myself to watch this like “every other movie I watched”.

However, the movie itself was disappointing; I would advise those who haven’t read the book to read it first before heading to the cinema as chances are you won’t be able to get what the story is trying to say. Firstly the transition of the whole thing was too fast, then the cast was unclear - as in they didn’t even bother to introduce Lavender Brown (Ron’s GF) in the movie.

Then the audio was, well, normal. Not spectacular, not awesome, but normal – like every other HBO movies. I thought a big budget film would at least have better audio and sound effect. Sigh. At least transformers 2 have great audio despite the really weird dialogue. Hmmm

One of the biggest mistakes I think this film made was not following the earlier film. Harry potter fans would have realized that earlier, Tom Riddle was played by another person. Well maybe they couldn’t get the same guy but this new guydoesn’t even look close to Tom Riddle. The Tom Riddle in “the chamber of Secret” was perfect for his role because he has that arrogant yet charming look. In this movie, new Tom Riddle is quite, err, plum and he look like a loner and maybe a serial killer, but in the book, Riddle was supposed to be a tall, skinny, charming, handsome guy that has charmed all the other teachers in Hogwarts. I personally thinks he would play Neville quite well if Neville’s role wasn’t taken, teehee.

Well, don’t you think the one above looked better?

Oh and in one of the episodes which I don’t remembered which one, the pensieve (the thing Harry used to watch the memories) was different. I can’t explain it but it’s just different. So how can those non- harry potter fans know what is that black bowl thingy? Plus, the previous episode shown that Harry was in the memory standing next to the people but here he was looking at the memory from the top.

*edited** I found pictures of them! hah!

The old pensieve.

New Pensieve.

Maybe Dumbledore decided to suddenly upgrade his equipments. =p

BAH! That’s all la for now. =)

p/s: I likey Luna Lovegood, she is sooo cute! =) and Hermione Granger looked awesome. Ron gained weight. =(

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