27 February 2009


OMFG. I made the biggest mistake in my life. (ok that might be a little exaggerating but its bad ok)

I left my laptop adapter in JC's car and I have work now! shit.
How am I going to do my work you tell me?
How to curi curi facebook when I got nothing to do at work you tell me?
How to do stories hah when my battery dies is half and hour you tell me?
How to edit my picture with PSD for tomorrow 's interview you tell me?


I know now all of you are pointing your fingers at me with that super duper evil look and say: "HAHA, Padan Muka! YOU STUPID GIRL why so dumn go leave the charger hah? TAI SEI AR!!!"
then you all will start singing "ho ho ta ta yo, shing lupa bawa charger, ho ho ta ta yo~!!!

eh i so sad ok don't laugh at me LA... =( so poor thing la me ok.

50% remaining! means half an hour left? T____T


X said...

there2 everything is gonna turn out fine lorr...
relax take a deep breath kay?

kim-chan said...

Jc cannot pass the adapter to you? O_O

LexieCharalle said...

hahahahaha, ho ho ta ta yo! shing lupa bawa charger! nyeh nyeh. :P

reenkyra said...

biggest mistake in life?
hoho sounds terrible..
nway juz droppin by.. =p

S.H.I.N.G said...

X: haha.. it's fine now.. i got it back.. have to go back to college to get it from JC.

Kim: no he can't cuz this morning when i found out, the car was not home so he can't send to me.. =( but luckily i went out for assignment so i drop by college and get from him lo.

LC: u meanie! i knew you gonna do that.. haha.. u know i wrote htat imagining you doing it? hahaha

reenkyra: hello.. thank u for dropping by.. =)haha.. its quite a big mistake la cuz i depend on my laptop to write news stories and all.. but its no surprise because im always blur.. =D


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