22 February 2009

it's question time babeh!

Hey guys (when I say guys I mean girls also ok?)! It's the time to to get some comments and idea from you cool people out there again.

Have been planning to post something about our rights that I've learned from Bar Council Press Conference the other day, but SOOO many things came up and I think that will have to hold. =(

No worries, I'll see if TMR if I have the time I'll post it right up!

Now, the BIG question for you!

I am starting to find Blogger a wee bit messy and.. being a "Margin freak" shing, I have a plan to change my blog from here to Wordpress. Looks a lot neater LA I think, check Myoe's blog for reference. =)

So what you all think?

Or is there someone nice enough to help me look for a nice blogskin that is simple yet plain but at the same time neat? eh? *hint hint*

put your comment in the comment box please! =D


X said...

no need liao.still cute i think.Not that messy.Sayang lorr if you move to wordpress.

kim-chan said...

livejournal? it works like wordpress too. You can even make some entry private for the sake of shock sendiri LOL

But i love this blogspot of yours...if you change a bit sayang...and then about other's blog host, dun really know where to get their layout like blogskins =p~ I hope it helps!

S.H.I.N.G said...

Kim: Don't like livejournal la so laggy like old aunty.. hahahah.. Aww u love my blog? tahnk u thank u kekekekek...

X: haha... cute meh? haha.. well.. I know everything tht belongs to me is cute la.. kekekkeke...

kim-chan said...

okay let me think....

blogdrive? nah!~

wordpress if not mistaken you can totally get a blog's link without that domain on..like what-what.blogspot.com..

I think so. wordpress also can paste html chatbox and etc..is not a bad thing.you pindah ke mana blog also I will follow wan xD

yeah love love your blog LOL

X said...

I ask my fwen for any sites that they think have the cutest layout...


S.H.I.N.G said...

Kim: thank you thank you.. =D *terharu sampai crying like siao*
T___________T.. Blogdrive and wretch also very laggy so if i wana change should be wordpress la.. but i might hold that thought la..

X: Thanks!!! =D but i can't seem to go to the site.. =( it says 404 not found.. well.. maybe its fate! OWH NO!!!! *yes, its in the morning and I'm hyper.. * kekekekekeke..

X said...

Hmm maybe it is becuz you hav too much coffee...hehe like alvin and the chipmunks.wahahah

sorry my bad, typo =p


Meng Yoe said...

wordpress need to pay for domain and to edit the ccs. but the widgets available are quite easy to handle and very customizable.

best part is it's generally quite neat.


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