27 February 2009

You have the rights.

Yes this is finally it. The post yang anda semwa nanti-nanti kan.. haha..
the post that i promised. =)

Alright, the other day I went to a Bar council launch of the redbook pamphlet, adn the fact is I find it quite usefull. I mean, you don't want Kugan's case happen to you rite?

Do you know what to do when you meet the cops? (no dear, bribery doesn't count) and do you have any idea what color on the police identification card means what? (heh!)

There's alot more, so I better just give you all a summary.

Ok, imagine you are driving on the road, a police car came and stopped you.
You have the rights to ask to see their identification. Well, with or without uniform. but be nice to them la ok. They also working ma..

If their identification is red, go away. It means that they are suspended and have absolutely NO RIGHTS to do anything to you. If it's blue/white/yellow, it means they are cops, but white means they are reserve police. (no you dont laugh at them for being a backup ok? it's ok to be reserve cops.)

Ok, then if he ask for your details, give him your IC, and if he ask you about other things, be nice and ask the police if you are under arrest.
If you are not, walk away or u can refuse to follow him to the police station. Remember, mr police cannot arrest you just because your a potential witness and want to take your statement.

but if u are under arrest (oh i hope not), you should NOT fight or resist, because they can use "reasonable force" to catch you. eh you fight mean give them reason to add another name on their "I-have-kill-them-list" la.. true? =p ok la i kd only, but they cna use force if u resist so DONT give them any excuse to hurt you..

You have the rights to call your lawyer/ relative or frens, it's your rights so make sure you lazy bums pick up the phone and call ok?

Should you all need any assistance, call the Legal Aid Centre (LAC)
KL number: 26913005/ 26932072
Sel number: 33722792

*save all these useful numbers ok? it might save your life.*

This is the link for the red book pamphlet. read ok. important la.. click HERE! It's PDF file so make sure u have a PDF reader.

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