9 January 2009

the title named untitled for the title-less title.

It's already the 10th day of 2009 and yet my blog post remain the same.
sorry for not updating, I was in the midst of getting use to this whole new environment.
Still trying to get use to this, but I feel so much better already.

Yes I am interning in this great company. *psst, i wont mention the name alright because they have this google search thing that can find any blog that have their name* *yikes*

I am doing alright so far but I am still learning, really.
I am pretty far behind from those that came in the same day as me, but no worries! I know I can do it! plus, this is no competition. =)

I did have my first by-line already, it's on this board removal ceremony for Damansara Primary School. It's really too bad you all cannot really read the news as the "site" need to pay.
but its alright, I'm going to print it out so if u want to read it ask from me k? *bangga*


nope. no "New Year Resolutions" or wad-so-ever, as I just want a slow, calm 2009.
but i really want the Bangkok Trip to work yea, Sherree!
and maybe another few trips along the year.
so yea. u random people should just come up to me and say: "yo shing! come lets go perhentian *or anywhere else* TOMORROW!"
I really won't mind. =)

Alright, shouldn't blog too much at work.
see you all really soon.
lets go fo sushi!

Sakae anyone? U buy? =p


SyncMaster said...
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