27 December 2008

Dear Santa, I want my mommy back.

Dear Santa,

I know it's not Christmas anymore, but I really you can grant me this very last wish.
I want my mommy back, I want my family back.

I miss her smile, she smiled like the sun shining on a Saturday afternoon, but she doesn't smile to me anymore.
I miss how her eyes use to shine so brightly, they look just like the stars when I looked out the window at night; but she doesn't look at me anymore.
I miss her telling me stories every Saturday afternoon, her stories stays in my mind till this very day; but she doesn't talk to me anymore.
I miss her cooking, her soup are the best I've ever tasted in my whole life; but she never want to cook for me anymore.

Everything changed when she have her baby boy, she became different.She suddenly forgotten all about me existing and she forgot I'm her daughter too.

I love my little brother, I really do, but I could use a little care and love too. I was never jealous; I was a good girl like my mommy told me to be. I took care of my brother and I really hoped that he will grow up like my dad, so strong and so great.

I don't know what went wrong, we started arguing a lot, and my mommy decided to forget that I'm a part of the family. She leaves me behind for everything, she forbade me to join any of her activities in her life, and she brings my whole family out for a nice dinner tonight and left me behind. But it's really okay, I'm sure she just forgotten about me.

I just want her back Santa; all I want for Christmas is my mommy back.
For every Christmas, I only want a happy family.

It's been nine years now Mum, can you please come home? Can you please remember that I'm also a part of the family? Please?


LexieCharalle said...

im always here if u need a shoulder. thats all i can give you. i would wanna give u more but i cant. i do hope everythin will be alright.

kim-chan said...

Awww...I...I really dunno what to say after reading this post T_T
So sad it makes me want to cry. =(
Stay strong!!!!!!

Haley Vong Li Her said...

we have very similar family background. be strong, for one i know that God will not give u wat u cannot take or overcome.

have faith, have hope.


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