26 October 2008

second post.

right now.
im feeling very emo-ish.

not sure why.
must be the blog I read just now.
or maybe its the middle-line thingy that I still cannot get.. =(

or maybe period is paying me a visit soon.

sometimes it happens.
like I was laughing at PCK and some funny shit Ahbeng jokes awhile ago.
then now I felt super emo, cuz i read someone's blog.

blogs have this power you know.
like they can either make you happy, bimbotic for the next hour,
or they can make you feel stupid and useless.

Guess who is on my mind now?
its my bestie Sherree.

suddenly I felt the useless-ness in me.
that me as THE best friend don't hang out with her as often anymore.
not that I dont want to. I just didn't have the time.
sometimes I really miss those days where we chat on the phone for hours and hours, and laugh till our jaw and tummy start to ache.

it's been awhile since I actually talk on the phone for more than 10 minutes.
not lying.
not even with the BF. *never did talk on the phone for very long with him anyway*

I miss you sherree.
didn't dare to call, incase I disturb your parents sleeping.
or disturb you doing your work.
or afraid I might get you in trouble by calling you so late.
and call handphone is expensive.

What kind of best friend am I?


I miss calling you, going shopping with you, going petaling street and we bargain like mad, staying over and chit chat till quite late till I fell asleep.
I even miss the time when I went to your house and baked the stupid cake that took me hours to finish.
what was it call again?
van-houten chocolate moist cake. or something like that.
It tasted like fruit cake.
and you and your mum would laugh at this everytime I come over.

I missed potato island.
and my green color cup in the cupboard.

i should stop now.
damn emo.

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