30 October 2008

When they say love is blind...

Like do you believe LOVE is blind?
You do? Dum Dum la u
Love is NOT blind… Is the people that fell in love are blind. A bit the obvious, isn’t it?

Just watched the movie “My best friend’s girl”, ask me how was it, quick! =p


Ok la, since EVERYONE wants to know, let me tell you la..

Overall the movie is fine... Storyline is ok…
but they censor too much, so it’s not really worth it to watch it in cinema.

After that movie, I remembered how girls (boys also la) become very blind when they are in love. We often fall for the worst guy ever but still, see them as angel, or some COOL and YENG fellow.

We always come out of the cinema after this sort of movie commenting “wah, this girl so dumb wan, where got people so stupid like this also cannot see wan?” But hey, these sorts of things do happen you know.

I have this cousin who used to stay in a small town; she is merely 19 when she met this guy.

Let’s just name this guy “D”. I told this story to some of my friends already, so if you already know then no need to read la. =p

Alright, so there goes.

She is that kind of girl every parent would like, a girl that can cook, sew, and do everything else. She is polite, sweet, nice, caring, and someone a parent would use to compare with their daughters.

She knew this guy, through a way where I really thought its super old school.
Guess where? It’s through the meeting friends’ column in some Chinese magazine.
Yes I know its super old school, and that was just few years back ok.
She started sms-ing this guy, and then they meet up.
He was really nice to her, even bought her new cell phone, and gave her flowers and all. A very romantic guy he is.
Romantic enough to made her stop studying and gave up her SPM exam just for him.

Then, he managed to pursue her to meet him in a hotel room, and needless to say, you all know what happened.

She lost her virginity la.

Then they continued this little habit of theirs till she finally got pregnant and was forced to marry this man she knew not more than a year, when she was five month pregnant with the child.

Sound like the typical Chinese girl story?
Wait la… I missed out a few very important details.

This guy “D” is 20 years older than her. TWENTY YEARS!!! Yes I know!
He can be her father already!

Well, that is still alright, since now age is no more a barrier in relationships.

How about a man that is old enough to be her father with NO JOB, NO CAREER, NO CAR, NO CASH, NO HOUSE, and the worst of all, NO LICENSE!

If only he is the kind of guy that is willing to work hard, I won’t mind any of the above, but he doesn’t!

After getting married, she moved out and lived in Klang with her husband and worked in Magnum as a cashier *she has no SPM cert, remember?* and her “romantic” husband opened a fruit store in front of Magnum, which only opens on Wednesday, Friday, Saturday, and Sundays.

She is now 22 years old, and just gave birth to her third child.

Recently, she did something which broke my heart.
She sold her child to some couple that claims that they have no children and desperately wants a kid.


What more can I say?

Love is blind?

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