26 October 2008


yikes yikes yikes!

i cannot think of ANYTHING to blog la.
beside telling everyone how I have cravings for pizza hut now, but i cannot order cuz i got no money!
and the stupid pizza hut dont have the buy one free one promotion anymore!

its damn worthy ok buy one free one then u can eat two pizza for the price of one. =(
I want PIZZA!

ish ish!

aiyo this i-dono-wad-to-post post becoming a super bimbo-tic post la. ish.

owh owh!
anyone knows how to put lines in the middle like most of you people always do? tell me tell me!
i rmbr doing it once then my owh-so-brilliant-memory failed me and i FORGOT!
so people, please share your so great information with me.. =D
and anyone knows if blogger can use the password protected post thingy?
Saw it on suetli's blog,but dono if blogger can do the same. =p


and today i super semangat ok, like super good girl leh.
*mind the "super", sorry man dono why i super like to use super these days*

I cleaned my SUPER messy room, *did i said cleanED? i mean going to, heh*, and i really really did clean up my little space downstairs where I usually go online, and my living room, and my brother's junk at the corner there, and also the lil table where we all makan.

whats my little space?
you know, the table that I put my lappy and do my works? the one near my tv and phone?
ok nevermind, but my table now is super duper neat already! *grins*
my room not yet la.. because half way cleaning I went to makan some maggi goreng, then I start to have those stupid cravings for diff things. So i started cooking and watching dvd. =p

but no worries. my room is NOT that messy la.. *oi shaddup u sherree! dont say anything!*


i know this post is super random and meaningless. lately no inspiration to blog la. ish.
so i cincai say something only. =D

aiyer its going to rain AGAIN. so i better go collect my bed sheets and comforter outside, before I need to rewash them again.
*see, i really did clean my stuffs ok.*



kim-chan said...

(Q)anyone knows how to put lines in the middle like most of you people always do? tell me tell me!

(A) you mean the words that with lines on the middle? if yes...while you are posting your entries, you saw 2 tabs one is [edit html] and another is [compose] right? click to edit html and put a code but here cannot show it so i will write it in chatbox, in between of the 2 brackets, put the words you want.

(Q)anyone knows if blogger can use the password protected post thingy?

(A) blogger only can locked everything. if just want to locked one post with password protected, so far i know only wordpress can do that.

Hope this is what you want to know =D

S.H.I.N.G said...

thanks Kim-chan..
but i still don get wad u mean le. for the line thing.. =(

kim-chan said...

hum...maybe should send you a jpeg file....hold on!~




see that and you will understand. but you can only type that code in [edit html] session.


there =D


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