6 October 2008


Second attempt.
to blog.

i tried to blog like some bimbo just now but it got too bimbotic and i can't stand it anymore.

Currently having holidays for raya. its 9 days! for my college its almost one of the longest hols i ever had ok.. =( beside CNY la of cuz.that also xsampai 2 weeks =p

been eating a little too much lately thanks to gramma's visit to my house. so everyone wanted to bring her out for makaning session. *to prove their love to her i guess*
so my family was included in the makaning plans. =D
out of 3 days, we went to dragon-i, dimsum in manjalara, western in Meaty house taipan*aunt's shop*, some fish head thingy at USJ 1 and etc..

wah wah wah..
saya suda jadi gemuk itu muka sudah macam itu roti canai.
itu perut pon sudah mau pecah.
macam ini bunyi. PLEK.

yes Ms sherree tagged me *i know ok*, 1st name of her list summo. hahaha. bangga sangat bangat..
but i lazy la do now. later la. maybe when i wake up. =D

I know la this post is crap.

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