7 October 2008

Its all just a cycle

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Its funny how sometimes when you think back, you'll realise things are actually just a big cycle.
Like they say, what goes around comes around *or is it terbalik?doesn't matter, I'm sure you get what i mean* =p

So yea, was thinking back about the times when I was still a little girl.
Not sure whats up with all the thinking back lately, but there I am, remembering all the little things that happened in my life.

I use to stay in a little shop house in Sunway, two room, really really small, and sometime smells like Indian food thanks to the mamak shop downstairs.
I love how the sun shines in the house on a Saturday afternoon, it makes the whole house so warm and cosy, then I'll curl on my folded mattress, with my mum lying next to me, telling me all the great stories she heard while she was a little girl. =)
It's funny how I can still remember that cosy warm feeling and how it can still make me smile. =)

Well, that wasn't exactly what I wanted to talk about.
I remember when I was a kid, dad use to go out at night for his yumcha session *for socialise and work gua, i oso not sure why*, which he doesn't do so anymore or not maybe he'll understand why I wan my yumcha sessions too *note: i cannot go out at night even for yumcha*.
Then being a daddy's little girl I use to stay up and wait for him, no matter how my mum kept asking me to go sleep. I'll keep asking what time is he coming back, where he went, why never bring me..all sorts of funny questions. yea, that's me. =p

I particularly remember this one incident, where this day, dad wasn't home even it was already close to 10pm, and usually he comes back by 9pm. so I was tired and sleepy, but i still stayed up waiting for him to come home.
Mum got so tired of me asking stupid questions so she asked me to call my dad myself. so I picked up the phone, called my dad and asked him what time he coming back. He sounded abit annoyed, and said he coming back soon then he asked for my mum. I passed the phone to my mum, and watch her talk in the phone. *was abit too young to actually understand wad they talking about*

When she hanged up, she told me that my dad felt very "no face" *means embarrased in the normal chinese language* because I called and asked him to come home, or something like that. I even rmbr i asked my mum wad was face, then when I finally got the idea what my dad meant I got kinda hurt and I went straight to bed.
Since then i never wait up for my dad anymore or actually call him for no reason just to ask what time he coming back.

What makes me think about this is actually because nowadays when i come back late, my mum would always call, and lately her phone call is getting earlier and getting extremely annoying. So the other day when my grandma came, I told her how annoying and embarrassing it was, and how bad it is getting earlier and earlier.
guess wad? the second night, no phone call came till almost 1am. not really surprise tho.
then the next night she never called as well, which I was a bit pleased *i know I'm evil* because the phone calls can get really annoying when you're trying to make a conversation. sigh.
but then it stroke my mind and remind me about this incident that happened.

so I was thinking how funny it is, things actually happens like a cycle; and things that made me upset is now bothering my parents. =p
Kinda wonder if they ever realise this little coincidence, well, won't be telling them even if they don't realise.

Parents never realise their mistakes, and will always always remember ours, same goes to us. We will never rmbr our mistakes, but our parent's mistake is super unforgetable. =p

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