26 September 2008

Write this. =D

*my class assignment which i find extremely interesting*
: write an article about yourself in the third person's point of view. you can write about anything. so here's mine. =)

“Give the world the best, and the best will come back to you.” She stood by this statement for more than 10 years. She gave her best in every aspect of her life and trying to prove everyone wrong by showing that there is goodness in the world.

A student of Mass Communication, Shingyee is a modest girl that tries her best in scoring her exams and also working towards her dream as a model. Over the pass years, besides studying, Shingyee makes friends with all the different races and hoping to prove that the world is not as dark as it seems. Although the “mission” always falls short, she never gave up hope. “I believe one day I will be able to prove to those that once look down at this quote of mine,” she said.

Standing strong at her quote, unfortunately she often met people that only wanted to take advantage out of her, be it financially or getting trust from others with her good reputation.

When asked what the most unforgettable memory of all is, she kept quiet for awhile, and then mentioned this one experience where she will never forget in her whole life. “I have this very good friend in form 4, she is a Filipino Sabahan. I know all her family members and they all like me because to them I am a good girl compared to her other friends,” she said.

Unfortunately, she still couldn’t escape what fate had prepared her for. She then realized this friend of hers was all this while using her to gain trust from her guardians, so she could easily sneak out of the house using her name.

“I tried to talk to her about this but she never bother to listen as she thought I was going against her, and she started keeping her distance from me,” she gloomily explain. “When we started college she changed her phone number and I never heard from her again.”

“My friend had run away from home, but I still keep contact with her guardians, and they still invite me to their home on festive season,” she then added. Looking sad, she said that this friend meant a lot to her as they share many in commons. Shingyee said that she will still welcome this friend with open arms if she ever thought of coming back. “I wish the best for her and hope that she doesn’t meet the wrong crowd and end up doing the wrong thing.”

Starting out fresh in college, she has met some friendly people that would do a lot for friendship. Although she hasn’t known them long enough to say anything about them, but she believes that a fresh new environment might be a great start for her “mission”.

Even with all the experience of hers, Shingyee never failed to believe that she can prove many people wrong. She smiles cheekily and says,” If one day I succeed, I will definitely tell you the good news, and I have a feeling it won’t be long.”

We wish the best for this young girl with great ambition, hoping that one day she can achieve the result that she hopes for.

So, wad u all think? leave me comments! =D
and i TAG everyone to do this also. very the fun! =D
Sherree, Yee won, Liyana, and everyone else.


LexieCharalle said...

Modest girl. Lol, lol, lol. Woah english so powderful?? Double LOL. Haha Kidding la. Im so lazy at doing this tag. This is like an essay which you have to put in serious thought. I'll TRY to do it soon. :)

S.H.I.N.G said...

ish.. so mean la u.. hahah
i double tag tag u.. hmmmph..
do it la... =D


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