19 October 2008

No more tears?

you know like everyone is having a blog now, my link list is so getting longer and longer.
well, the whole point of this is ME trying to tell YOU that..
Mr BF started a blog, like after a million years after I told him to. =p

No la this blog not about me la.. not about him also. It's about his writing la..
he always have this passion for writing and he writes really well too.
so yea lo, he writes stories and stuffs on that blog la..
quite good also le, YOU should go and try reading it la if you like reading stories.
Click HERE to his blog.

Note* baby i just promoted your blog. see how nice i am. =D
and you sherree.. Im not stupid woman ok. =p

1 comment:

Jc said...

Wahh.. Baby u so good ah. Go promoted my blog. Haha.. Where got million years after u ask me to start wor. =p

Thank u baby!! *hugs hugs kish kish*

Oops.. heh.. PDA. sorry!! =p


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