20 October 2008

popularity or capability?

which is more vital?
Popularity? or Capability?

Who would you be?
the most popular person with average performance or the great performer but you have little friends?

Who shines more? Miss *or MR* Popular, or Miss *Mr* Capable?

I always knew that I was not the popular wan, but I won't say that I am very good at tasks. However, I can do work and I become super serious and sometimes bitchy when it comes to my work. I always ask for the best of my work. I want the best.
I tried my hardest to become Ms popular, but it never worked. like NEVER!
I even doubt if anyone else reads my blogs besides my close friends. Sometimes I'm so sure that everyone hates me for my bitchiness and my overly control freak attitude. *emo-ness*

I become so tired of making myself popular, so tired of pleasing everyone just so that they will like me.

How i wish, one day I did something really great / awesome, then someone popular would like it and then he or she will make me popular too! *dreams*
then everyone would like me and will cheer for me even tho I did a small silly stunt or when I sang but it doesn't sound nice.


Can't help but to laugh at this silly dream of mine.

I know it will never come true.
Guess I'll always just be
Miss Secretary.


LexieCharalle said...

Now you got alot of time to blog eyh. i cant seem to stop laughing at this. like your england so powerful writing this post the got this ---> "I always knew that I was not the popular WAN, but I won't say" Hahaha. sorry yea. but its funny. lol. no hard feelings bestie. :) Well no point being popular if its not good intentions rite? :)

S.H.I.N.G said...

cilaka you.. LOL.. you so bad la.. haha.. but good la.. at least you enjoyed yourself. =p


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