8 October 2008

Tag- a- tag - tag. =D

Like mentioned the other time, Ms sherzinger tag tag me in her blog, and hey, here I am in class doing nothing during break time *myoe if u read this i wasn't doing this during class time ok*.

so here goes:

What is his/her name?

Sherree Tai Sher Ree. =p

How old is he/she?

satu sembilan

What relationship are you having with he/her?


Did he/she ever betray you?

Not that I can ever recall. and she better not.. heh heh heh

Do you love him/her?

Like a family. xoxo

Is he/she your soulmate?

depends on the defination of soulmate. lol. *of cuz i know wad it means la, saje buat suspens*

What do you think of him/her?

Creative, bold, straight foward, and super blurcase at times *ahem*.

Would you get him/her a pressie?

why not?

Is he/her a liar?

we both tell lies together. heh heh

Would you marry him/her?

For wad? dowan la.. later everyday get scolding for my messy-ness. ish.

What if you are more popular than he/her, would you dump her?

i mmg more popular wad..*perasan* *waves* hahaha..

of cuz not la.. she's way popular than me and she still love me. =D

Tag 10 people that you really care and they must answer these question about you.
heh heh heh.

i tag.

everyone la..

yee won, liyana, eva(do it on facebook), jade..

everyone la.

1 comment:

S.H.I.N.G said...

When some of us seems so fair and nice, but there are times where they just can't help by being biased towards our friends.


*just something i didnt want to post it upfront. might be posting more things on the comment section just to see who reads comments. =p*


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