15 September 2008

A Lesson Learnt

Most of the people i know already know why and how did JC lost his laptop, but well, for u all that don't, let me explain it again. =)

The other day when we went to bazaar, we left the laptop in the car. yes, u can say how stupid we are for doing. Well, this is no time to debate about "I TOLD U SO" ,so do let me continue. As we both tot that it wil only be awhile and we need to carry food and all, so we decided to leave it in the car, hidden, and covered. Sadly, we didnt expect things can happen in a short time of 15 minutes. =( so went we came back, JC's car passenger seat's door was unlock. We were shock as we both know tht the door is lock before we left the car, and immediately i realise the laptop was missing and so is JC's absolutely gorgeous Bally bag. grr. *all my notes! and my favourite mousey! gone!*

Well, lesson learnt!
Never never leave ANYTHING in the car, even its for a short 5 minutes.
You'll never know what will happen, or who is observing you.

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