12 September 2008

Congratulations, let me tell you whats fair!

Hey, If u disagree with cursing then don't bother continue reading, I'm not in a mood to deal with any of your comments.

Congratulations to you fuckers who stole JC's laptop.
Jackpot for you fuckers eh? happy eh to get a fucking brand new laptop?
Just because Raya coming you all NEED to steal rite? Got no balls ar?
u got balls then come and fight la, or come pau people la, but no.. you are too chicken to even take a fucking knife and point it to my neck asking me to give you my laptop.
I curse all this thieves, that they burn their hands and their hands get bitten by maggots, and let them die and rot in hell.

Im fucking pissed off now.
Fucking people that never understand the defination of FAIR.
u wan to know wads fair? come let me steal your laptop, destroy your work and ask you to redo all the fucking name list just to be fair.
I fucking tell you people that I'm NOT doing it anymore. and I don't fucking care wad u say if u see this blardy post.
I quit!

1 comment:

LexieCharalle said...

WHAT!!! JC's laptop kena stolen?? how how??


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