15 September 2008

Another Post for today.

Usually I won't have two post in a day, back-to-back, and usually i put them all together in a post, for the sake of saving space. But well, this someone is special enough for me to do so. =)

We knew each other for around six years now, not very long, but it's not very short either. Well, as all other friendship out there, there were ups and downs la for us also. We went tru the best * think skipping school, telling huge lies, starting business tgt*, and of cuz, the worst. *arguement(s) tht we both know abt. wink wink*

This person is my bestest friend, my role model, my teacher, and my sister.

Today, is her 19th birthday

You know sometimes i even forget that she is just few months younger, and always see her as a younger sister *hence the "girl name" for you*, and myself as a tai ka che, suppose to be always taking care and protecting this little girl. but hey! I'm going to step away from this job and stay by her side as a best friend, and let the MAN take up the responsibility. =D *note: i said this once and i'll say this again, u break her heart i break your bone. wink*

Happy 19th birthday to you, Ms Lexie Charalle aka Tai Sher Ree. =)

I know I was never the best of best friend,
But i want you to know that what ever happens, I'm always here.
I do care about you and I'm saying everything in this post in the most sincere way.
love you babe. =)

Thank you for being my best friend for all this while, and i wish you the happiest birthday ever. =)
LOVE YOU babe. =D *i very seldom only say this wan ok.. =p*

1 comment:

LexieCharalle said...

Hey Hey, Aww thanks. Im having class today. Sigh. And I seriously don't fee like goin. And thanks for being there even though you were a little bored. and Sigh again, I cannot find the camera!


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