3 August 2008

when i close my eyes, i see sushi!

Suppose to be studying for the EXAM tmr...
well look what I'm doing now, BLOGging!
haha, guess I'm just so not use to the idea of studying for exams.
I look at the slides and my mind will start wandering off to god-knows-where, sometimes facebook, then msn, then blogs, then UMAI-YA!

ok la, lets forget about studying and psychology for a sec, for this extremely happy + exciting + shiok + juicy piece of new i have for u people!

I went to UMAI-YA last sat with JC and his maid, thanx to Jade's intro, like seriously! *thanx babe*
It was a very very very belated birthday celebration for Frenche, aka JC's maid, or more like a second mum la to him. *his maid damn yeng ok, can drive wan! Can cook damn well oso ok, not the normal kakak we see everyday*

I have to say, Umai-ya was great! the food is fresh, the sashimi especially, damn! I don't think i wana go back to sakae sushi anymore!
It's now officially my most-want-to-go place every saturday & sunday! and it's buffet btw, so per person like around 45++,
and tada! ALL YOU CAN EAT!(damn i like the word, cuz it means MORE sashimi! =D)

well, let the pics do the talking...

we all love green tea! =)

They have this kitty pic on the plate!

1st plate of sashimi of the day!

look how thick it is..yum!

salmon maki


yakitori = its actually grilled chicken

ebiko sushi

more sashimi

little octupus, forgot the name. =p

unagi sushi

more sashimi

and we have more cawanmushi

wasabi that looks like ice cream!

more yakitori! JC loves chicken. haha

kake udon, maybe it means empty udon, cause got nth much wan

we each had one dessert, choc ice cream!

and more sashimi!

then we ordered green tea ice cream, but they accidentally gave us choc again!

the thing they use to put the chopsticks!

That day I ate so much, my tummy look huge! but no picture! haha..
and we had 61 pieces of sashimi, we ordered like 10 pieces everytime, and they accidentally gave us 1 extra. =D
i love sashimi!
then we went down and checked the price of the sashimi, it's RM 22 for every 5 pieces!
did i tell u that i love sashimi?

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