30 July 2008

No I am NOT!!!

Sorry for not posting for so long.
I've been busy, now I'm just taking some time off to write this nightmare of mine down.
haha. to most it is not really night mare but it is one to me.
it has been haunting me for days now. sigh.

The ability for one to handle money, and to control the flow of money going out, is to me a success and also an achivement. However, I must've done it the wrong way.
Someone told me the other day that I was too calculative, and it pissed them off.

I was shocked. like seriously. =(

I wasn't being stingy or calculative. money to me really doesn't matter that much, but there are times when we need to take charge of the flow of money and be careful on what we spend. that day i was crying and shouting inside, but no words came out of my mouth.
silly me you say?
No I wasn't being silly, I just decided to look at the situation from the other person's point of view, and I think i really really did a wrong thing. (did I?)

I've tried my hardest to not grow up like my mum being so calculative and stingy, I'm still trying to do so. But apparently it wasn't sufficient.


It might sound silly, but I was having this nightmare for a few days now, its like someone yelling at me, saying how stingy I am, how calculative I am...
and when I wake up, the thought of me being calculative remains...it is echo-ing in my mind, like a voice that won't go away.

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