4 August 2008

biggest crisis faced?

im afraid so.

its my major time already, and there comes the problem that i have been refusing to face or think about.
I lost my passion for PR n Events, I doubt that i can do well in broadcasting although I do have interest in editing.
my only choice now is creative writing, but, sigh, theres no one joining this class and i doubt that they can open the class with only 2 person.

So i'm left with only PR and Broadcasting.
I really have no passion for PR, the passion really died off. I don't know why.
Broadcasting, sigh, who should i work with if I'm there?

Can i even fit in to the scene?
because I start to feel left out from the group, ever since i was told that im calculative.

Must be me thinking too much again.


can i just stop here and start working?
or just go to degree level?

someone please knock on my head and hide me somewhere, so that I don't need to make this decision.

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