9 August 2008

MIxture of everything.

My tummy hurt, right at the middle below my chest. I dono what is it call or why it hurts, but it is hurting badly, since last night. Maybe it's gastric, but JC and Sher said it wasn't.
I don't care, cuz it really hurt. =(

I just burnt a hole in my pocket, yes i did.
I finally bought my dress for prom, and as usual I used up most of my savings for it.
It look beautiful, in a gorgeous ...... color, and the middle is ...... ( i can't reveal too much, wana save the surprise for prom u see =D )
But i haven't got my pretty heels yet, no i have no idea of what i want to get but I'm sure it'll look pretty. =)

For those of you that don't know, prom is coming.
It is on the 22nd of August 2008, in Royale Bintang The Curve, with the theme - Fiesta Mardi Gras, a Masquerade.
Well, wasn't really excited for it cuz I guess everyone is just to tired and busy studying right now for exam. But I'm really looking forward to see how my mask would turn out to be, my bestfren Sherree is helping me to DIY, and we already have the whole idea in our head. Should start putting it together by nx week.
*visualising* ah it look so gorgeous...
(really hope it turns out great, sherree if ur reading this.. take note!! =p)

Btw, do anyone realise that lately there's mosquito every where u go? Sitting in front of my laptop makes me a yummy meal for them.
Look at my legs, full of mosquito bites..
Ish! I hate mosquito! grrrr...

Owh, and my tummy still really hurt.
I cannot stand up already. =(

1 comment:

LexieCharalle said...

Ape ni take note??

oh i to ur 400 is for prom. din know its ur full savings. tot like woah how u got so kaya? i want also. we shall go shopping for heels!


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