10 July 2008


It's 9.08pm now, and take a good guess where am I now?

I'm STILL in college.
YES! no joke but I am still here waiting.

It's funny how people say if you dislike/hate something, you'l be more likely to face that more often in your life.
Now i really believe it, cuz you see, I hate to wait for people, simply because it just pisses me off.
but well, look what im stuck with now, waiting.


Long story short, I just finished class, and instead of the usual routin where my dad comes to pick me up, I decided to let mr BF to send me home since he have shooting with joe and stuff. But now he's still stuck in BANGSAR and not done with wad ever his doing so I have to wait alone in IACT-that-have-no-aircond-anymore-this-time.
Hey i wonder whats up today, everyone just went off right after class and no more usual chill around college thing today and no one cares that Im waiting here alone so kelian *big wet eyes* (FYI im an attention seeker, =p), so yea, here i am waiting alone in college doing nothing but typing this lousy boring blogpost (yea i know my post was never really that interesting anyway) ..


It must be my unlucky day i guess.


Im bored

yes im still here...

*tick tock tick tock*

Im going crazy.

*yawn summo*

still waiting...


yea i think I shud stop this. will go read some blog la..



owh its 9.27 already.


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