8 July 2008

What makes me me?

We have this presentation thing going on in psycology class,
with the title - what makes me.. ME?

Yea, Sometimes i too wonder, what actually makes me.. ME? I would joke around telling people its rice, vege, ice cream, meat, and lots more..but deep down, i know there are alot of feelings and past memories that I've been avoiding to remember.

Today, I did my part of the presentation, and as expected, I burst into tears, because the presentation brought back memories that I have been hiding since long long time ago.

ever since it happened, i tried to forget it, i still misses her, but she will only come into my mind when I'm really down, and in the middle of the night where no one sees my tears.
But today, I unfold the story to my classmates, showing my ugliest face to them.

Im sorry fellow classmates that you guys have to see that side of me. =(

I believe, that deep down inside everyone have that that darkest secret that they refuse to bring up, that little guilt, or that envy or that regret in life... Today, I reveal most of them to the class, and yet, I don't feel any relieve. Why?
another question for the day...

btw... HAPPY 23rd birthday to Kenneth Yee which have been and is still my mentor/ good friend since semester 1. =)

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