2 May 2008

Lousy bus driver

You know, i really dislike impolite people.
They are just so annoying and makes u feel like punching them on the face, then kick their private part so hard...*fuh ganas aku*
I can tolerate la for alot of stuff but... pls be polite oso la..

itu story oh macam ini punya...
just now when Kenneth finishes his work at college, we decided to go to pyramid for sushi by bus.. JC is also there la but he is not driving ma today..
so we waiting la for bus like 3 idiots there..

and tadah!!! .. there comes a bus.. big bus starts from R. nama bus itu Rapid KL, U89, number plat 6247 (yes i x takut mati, sue me la...)
so as usual i took out my wonderful touch n go card which have quite alot of money in it and head to the bus la...
tgk tgk, the bus punye touch 'n' go is not turn on.
so i asked rhe driver la,
"how now? i go only ar?" *bcuz normally if the bus t'n'go machine rosak they lemme go only wan*
"no u have to pay" with that annoyed face and angry tone.. *grrrrr*

i was abit irritated ad, i mean what for rite u need touch'n'go if u cannot use it?
it is TOUCH'n'GO, not touch-but-got-nth-so-u-still-need-to-pay-to-go card.
wad rubbish la that driver. then i looked at the place where we supposed to put money.

walao eh!!! what the *sensor* man....
i bet everyone that takes bus knows tht if u go to Rapid KL bus u need to put ur money inside the thing rite? then the bus driver will cucuk cucuk to make sure the money all masuk inside right?
but on this U89 bus number plat 6247, the money all flowing out wan, like the driver just place them on top so he can take them all anytime.


now i know why he turn off his touch'n'go machine.
hmmm. greedy + lousy + bangang driver.
muka saja okay, itu perangai macam babi.
owh btw, the driver is not a Malay yea..
its an Indian. #$&%(%##%$%&^

*p/s : im not a racist la, but... this indian DRIVER *yes ur JUST a driver, driver...* really pissed me off...


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