6 May 2008

Malaysian Culture = ?

What is the typical Malaysian culture or better said, the Malaysian Bad Habits? I bet by saying the word Malaysian culture, most of the people have a say for themselves. Different opinion, different understanding for one same thing…

Let me just list down a few.

Yes, cursing. How many friends of yours curse while they speak and act like it is suppose to be in the conversation? Or do you even do it yourself?
This morning I went breakfast with my dad as usual at my favourite Minfankueh shop at ss19, then the owner which is also a distant relative of mine came and have a small chat with dad. Then he started to talk about work, how contractors work and all.
Then he started cursing, and putting words like “your mother” in the conversation as if they are one of the vocabularies that you have to use when you are speaking. His lips moved like an old lady bargaining at the market, and his saliva, OMG was like flying all over the place. I instantly felt uneasy and decided to focus on the delicious Minfankueh I’m having. But today, the Minfankueh doesn’t seem as nice as usual, not because the quality went down, but because the noise pollution…
then when we finally went back to the car and yes I instantly felt my ears are lighter already, dad also complain about how he dislike to chat with this kind of people that cannot stop cursing. So yeah, next time before you want to add those not-very-nice-to-hear-languages into your conversation, do consider whether your friends like to hear it or not, since it’s NOT-SO- NICE.

My god, yes SPITTING!!! Ewwwww… it is so gross. I just hate it when those people starts spitting on the floor and just walked away like they own the road. I always felt like spitting on their face instead; imagine walking down the street and seeing those disturbing patches of spit lying there on the floor, yuck. And I can’t imagine that actually stepping on it and it’s the green colour one, OMG I feel like vomiting already. Hope I can still eat my lunch. *sigh*

Ahah! There’s on that everyone would agree on. The best example for lateness is definitely the Chinese wedding dinner. Stated dinner starts at 7pm in the invitation, end up we are starve to almost half dead when the 1st dish is serve, which is around 8pm, if we are lucky.
Hmmm, I do understand when people are having trouble waking up which lead to stuck in the strawberry traffic jam, then cannot get a parking due to the lateness, and end up rushing to that certain place one hour later then they supposed to be.
Yes, this happen everyday in class. If class starts on time on a certain day, I bet that day the sun is blue in colour. *sigh*
Well, its ok because Malaysian already adapt to this culture and yes, we need to adjust the time table for this group of important people, I think right, we got so used to this phenomenon till that extend where we don’t even realise it anymore. True?
Yes I bet a whole dozen of people is going to hate me reading this and cursing (see, bad culture) saying “what the hell do she know” cause I said exactly what is going on in their life, accept the truth la people, and hey, don’t spit on your computer screen please (there, another culture).

Well, there are still lots more of these cultures to be talk about, but well, I’ll leave it to the next post, or who ever that wants to add on. Feel free to comment(which i know no one will,sadly, the ignorance of malaysian, ah... another bad habit.).

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