28 April 2008


Walking down the flee market street at the Curve, you will be bombarded by all the different kind of advertisement, from the shop owners saying “moi, mari tengok la…” to the restaurant’s sign boards that make you have that sudden crave for a particular kind of food, to all the bank promoters coming to you asking you to apply for their bank card and the pretty promoters telling you about the new product in the market.

What is it that attracts your attention?
Is it the pretty promoters in short skirt?
Or the cheap price the stall owner gave?
Or is it just purely your desire to purchase that little something to reward yourself?

I was working at the Curve Courtyard the past weekend, and the job was, interesting in a way that it made me start thinking again.

People buy because they need it?
Or is it the convincing sales person?
Is it just the pure lust of purchasing?

I was working for a product called Evian Facial Spray, a facial spray which contains only pure natural spring water.
Well, the response wasn’t that good, which was sadly, in my expectation. It is not that the product is not good, but from a consumer point of view, who would spend such big amount of money getting a bottle of mineral water?
To be frank, I won’t unless I have a lot of money on that particular day, or I’m in an extremely great mood. Well, this is from my point of view as a consumer, so I’m not sure about the rest.

So, what is it that truly drives people to buy that particular item or subscribe to that bank card or eat that expensive-yet-not-filling food?
Do we need them? Or its just purely desire?
If its desire, then why are we still doing it?

*think think*

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