27 May 2008

Accumulated stress is very dangerous

Stress is one thing every college student will face, especially for us IACT student and for student involve in so many things like me.

Yes, I’m involved in a lot of stuff and I am getting very busy these days.
Student Council, Student Ambassador, INK!, and also the plain responsibility of a
normal student.
I’m not showing off anything or trying to prove anything, but yea, I am that busy that a good 8 hours of sleep seems so impossible.

The main reason I’m so busy now is definitely on assignment which I put my most of my attention and time at, I have shooting for my horror movie (yes, I’m reshooting it, long story…) and the due date is next week and I have A LOT to do for this particular assignment, and when I say a lot, it so means A LOT!

Then there is Student Council where we are organising prom (datang, jangan x datang), its not that much work la but due to the my very perfectionist attitude towards margins and paper work, not to mention the work clashes with my shooting stuff, so its like simple math you know.

work + work = stress and more work.


Plus I have like open day this Friday and Saturday cause I’m also a student ambassador, which means less time to do my work. There, another simple math question.

Work + more work – time = extremely a lot of work and stress.

My goodness, I think if there is some bag in human body to keep all our stress, my little stress-keeping bag can explode anytime soon.

Stress has been accumulating since the very 1st semester till now which is the end of semester 2, due to the continuous workload which never stopped since day 1 and increasing since then.


Haven’t really got a good holiday since college started, even Pangkor wasn’t much help as it’s a team building trip so not much of relaxation. I guess the only time I got a little time to relax was during the CNY, and that also not much la, cause have to clean this and that, do this and that and etc.


I think if this kept going, I going to go crazy and start bombing colleges or killing people around me.


A vacation is the only thing I dream of now, besides good result and more jobs so I get more money and also the approval of PTPTN, but yea, I NEED A VACATION!!!


I’m on my way planning a trip to Langkawi so if anyone have good contact or wants to join my trip, don’t be shy to tell me, the more people the merrier. =D

so yea, In conclusion, another math question.

Stress + stress x alot of stress = DANGEROUS

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