2 June 2008

New Semester Coming Up!

Tomorrow is the start of my new semester, which is my third semester in IACT.
WOW! so EXCITED!!! CANT wait!

*jump jump* *pause* *look around*

FINE! Im lying!

Damn i hate to start the new semester so soon, its so tiring.
I just wish i have MORE time to rest.... i need more sleep.
goodness, look at my eye bags. its big enough to carry two fuji apple already. T______T

My back is aching my eyes are soaring and my brain is basicly dead. and yet Im starting a brand new semester TOMORROW!!! U see? TO-MOR-ROW!!! *faint* (someone pls call an ambulans)

Yes, Im still stuck with my field production techniques assignment, its a shooting for horror movie, if u dont already know.
Yes its fun, damn cun. but hor, doing the shooting, editing and audio-ing all in 2 weeks time is damn freaking hard weyh. and the worst part is doing it only with TWO group members, inclusive of me, which means me and another member, and yes, with the help of my mr.BF(see, i acknowledge u ok)
This seriously suck. T_________T
I know i've said this like a million times in the previous post but let me repeat it again, ITS DUE THURSDAY!!!!! T_______T

kill me now. yes u. i know u hate me. kill me now. pls.

MR ZUL if you are somehow reading this or someone told you about this, can u please please do us a favor by postponing it again. pweese. *puppy eyes*

make it as a ganti balik for NOT teaching us anything useful the whole last semester la. I promise i wont complain anything about you anymore. PWEESE! *big wet eyes*

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