25 May 2008

Indiana Jones

Update Update!!!

sorry for the long long gap, but exam la, no time for update, study till my brainjuice oso dry up ad, where got idea to blog right? *sigh*
Lets not talk about exam ,its a LONG LONG topic, and sad, too. =p

Now, something exciting, hehe.
last friday when i finished my exam *sigh,exams*, and the SA meeting, i went pyramid to catch a movie(not alone la of cuz)

Its the fourth episod of Indiana Jones. I've been waiting for it since last year.
but it was worth it.
do note tht i dont write reviews alot, but when i do, it must mean the movie is that great, or it just suck. Indiana Jones? Its a bomb.

I'm a huge fan of Indy (short for Indiana Jones), i've watched all the 3 movie of Indy for more than a ten times i think, and its still great. altho its not damn "berteknology" like National Treasure la, but, its amazing that during that time they can actually achive that much. You know if you've watched it la, I got the DVD if anyone wants to pinjam, but under terms and condition yea. hehe

Well, to be frank, I was really afraid that this time Indy will be a dissapointment, since Narnia really dissapointed me like ALOT!!!! *sigh*
Anyone realise that Narnia Prince Caspian is so LOTR-ish?
my gosh, u can see the similarity and it was crap especially the ending when the man came out from the water thing. *sigh* wasted my 11 bucks.

Ok, back to Indy! yea, i was extremely afraid when after I saw Narnia,cuz I love Indiana Jones and its been so long since the last movie, so... I thought its gonna be like damn diff and he looked so damn old in the trailer.

Guess what?
I was smilling when i came out of the cinema, and i couldnt stop talking about it!
Dont worry i wont tell u the storyline here, go watch the movie.
but yea, after all this years, they can stil create that exact "Indy" feel and still so great, no easy man.

alot of people said that National Treasure is something like Indy, then i too got brainwashed la, altho i dont really fancy NT.
But after i watched Indiana Jones, i finally realise the differences and the reason why indy is so good. =D

The movie started of slow of abit boring, but just when u feel like "damn, this is gonna suck", the action just "BAM" came out of no where and make u awake immediately!
NT is alot of puzzles and puzzles, chasing and kidnapping, but Indy on the other hand, is the adventure that makes u feel so excited about the movie. not much puzzle but good enough to make u go "WOW".
The only flaw of this fourth episod is that its missing that good ol' Indy trap- escaping moments, which i was waiting and waiting when they stepped foot in the temple thing. too bad there wasnt any. Which was a little bit dissapointing, as Indiana Jones in so famous for his trap escaping. hmmm..but well, overall its still great! I love it! Im going to watch it again. =D

Maybe Im being biased la, since im such a huge fan of Indy, but well, go watch the movie and tell me whether u agree with me or not. =)


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