15 April 2008

Thank you all *big wet eyes*

Thank you...
To those who wished me, those who hugged me... =)

Thank you...
To those that made me laugh and laughed with me,
To those who planned that little something up for me,
To those that had dinner with me,
and you, that gave me the best gift ever. *big wet eyes*

Thanks alot u guys, if u all are reading this, im really grateful, that i have such friends like you...
I can't name you one by one, cuz there's too many of you.. =p
but you know who you are. =)

Thanl you my lovely seniors, juniors, classmates, and friends, Im glad I met you guys and got to know all of u.. =)

Thank you my dearest dearest bestfriend Dylla babe and Kenneth, I can't tell u how happy I am to have you two, and how touched I was yesterday. *hugs*

Thank you my great frens in workuarium, I can't tell u how much I appreciate having all of u as my mentors. *big wet eyes*

Thank you my bestest fren Sherree girl, you know how much u meant to me and thanx for temaning me for dinner. =)

Thank you ,YOU, thank you for the wonderful dinner. you made my day complete, no words can express how happy I was last night.

Im happy, eventho it was simple, but it was meaningful and warm.
Im happy, eventho i dont have a big crowd there, but I felt like Im special....
Im happy, eventho i dont have a big cake, but u guys are realy realy sweet. =)

Thanks, for making my 19th birthday great.

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